INDEX DISPLAY is today one of the worlds’ leading designers and manufacturers of shop WINDOW  and produces one of the highest quality of mannequins.  INDEX DISPLAY  has been built on its reputation of its new product design and innovation.

At  INDEX DISPLAY  , we’re fluent in body language. Our conversations result in mannequin designs that fit your needs and your clothes. We start by listening so that we may better understand what our customers want to see.


 Our mannequins are fitted with many useful details as standard. In addition, we can realize individual ideas to adapt new or already existing mannequins to the varying requirements of our customers. 


   INDEX DISPLAY 's philosophy has always been to be the economical choice to their customers. When   INDEX DISPLAY  began making mannequins 15 years ago,  INDEX DISPLAY  decided to make a product that would offer the customer the best quality/price ratio on the market . This principle has never changed and has participated in making   INDEX DISPLAY  is a leader in the mannequin industry today. Our production and sourcing know how allows us to produce at the most reasonable costs and enable the product of your projects within budget.
Choosing   INDEX DISPLAY  means being sure of having the best possible product at the best possible price. 



We develop individual mannequin concepts for the POS that perfectly reflect the brand of the customer as well as their market position. If an idea has not yet been realized, we will happily develop production-ready store concepts including poses, functions and finishes together with the client.

Our technological shift happened in 2017 when we decided to equip ourselves with 3D body digitization and modeling.